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Wow! I have sure been busy lately, especially if you consider I've been spending the majority of my time doing backups of my friend's Kisumai collection for them. But, here we are. Here are some paparazzi photos from the I SCREAM concerts in Osaka (07/01 and 07/02) and Nagoya (07/10) which also happen to be the dates I attended (except there is one Nagoya 07/09 picture in the lot... hehe, didn't want a folder just for it). This photos are primarily of Kitayama, but there is atleast one with him not in it and some with various members in them.

Again, please do not watermark or claim as yours. Download links below~

Osaka 07/01
Osaka 07/02
Nagoya 07/09

Date: 2016-07-22 02:57 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pinkienium.livejournal.com
so much thank yooou munchieees!!!


Date: 2016-07-22 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 2hachi.livejournal.com

Thank you soooo much.

Date: 2016-07-22 06:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] 4koori.livejournal.com
Thank you! ♥

Date: 2016-07-22 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] amu-chi.livejournal.com
thank you <3

Date: 2016-07-22 08:33 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] zimnazima.livejournal.com
thank you vry much ^^

Date: 2016-07-23 09:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] kyocchi.livejournal.com
Thank you çWç <3

Date: 2016-07-23 03:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] mean-a.livejournal.com
Thank you so much :)

Date: 2016-07-23 05:33 pm (UTC)

Date: 2016-07-23 07:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] koushiba.livejournal.com
Thank you!

Date: 2016-07-23 10:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] bunnypajamas.livejournal.com
thank you so much for sharing !
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