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The Regular DVD Edition and First Press DVD for the I SCREAM concerts. Note that this version of the concert DOES NOT have the audio commentary (I ran the wrong conversion on it and didn't realize it until after the upload, but the version with the audio commentary will be bigger, so I just figure I'd share both.) I am currently running conversions on the the First Print DVD (for non identical sections, like the documentary and such) and they will appear in the folder as they finish. Let me know if anything doesn't work, I'll try to get it fixed. This post will include updates as I get them up. I'm waiting for a friend to get in to watch these, but I hope you all enjoy them in the meantime! I will not have access to my Bluray drive until January so if someone else wants to share those, by all means do.

UPDATE: Some people are commented on trouble with the audio commentary on the concert. To make things easier, I am running a conversion with JUST the commentary. It will replace "Concert with commentary" in the downloads folder. That being said, if you want both you'll have to download both, sorry for the confusion.

Regular DVD Folder Contents: Concert, Concert with Commentary, Encore, and "Happenings" Short

First Press DVD Folder Contents: Off-shot Documentary and Individual Member Making Stages Documentary (initials correspond to members)

Regular DVD Download

First Press DVD Download

This videos are from my personal copies and feel free to use any and all videos for subbing and the like. DO NOT share the download links or my post, I will remove it. While I have no plans for removing anything from my fileshare, I may not be hosting the files forever and therefore if there comes a time when the links no longer work, feel free to reupload the files without asking my permission.
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