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Wow~ I really thought someone else would have gotten around to posting these up by now, but since I was gonna upload them for a friend anyway, I thought I would share since I personally haven't seen the Blu-ray up yet. And I get to share them with all of you, since my Bluray drive and my Bluray Concert were finally in the same place together!!!


Bluray.Concert.mp4 is a high-res version of the concert. It is the concert and the encores, but make note it is a big file (although I could have made it bigger, the pure rip off the disk was 36 GB.

Multi-angles Folder: Exactly what it sounds like. They took multi-angles from 5 different songs, sorted by song title and members' surname's first kanji.

Disc 3 Folder: This has the Fukuoka Encore and the MCs.

Note: I am posting this link before everything has finished uploading because I won't have time to mess with the folder for another day or so. Therefore, if you go in in the meantime things probably won't be in their appropriate folder. I'll have it neatened up soon though. Also, from the time of the posting, things ARE STILL UPLOADING INTO THE FOLDER! This means, from right now it will probably be another 4 hours (or longer, who knows? My upload speed isn't the greatest) until everything is finished. If something is missing, check back again in a few hours. Please wait a day or so before letting me know if something is missing or broken.

UPDATE: Everything's up and in its place. Let me know if something is broken.

Download Here

Normal rules apply, available for subbing but don't link to the post (unless you've talked to me about it) and don't share the download links. This are my personal rips and I hope you all enjoy them!
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