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Happy Release Day!

To celebrate that this single is FINALLY released, I have decided to share it with you all so we can all enjoy. I am going to be honest, the Tonight video is possibly my favorite video yet and Kimi no iru sekai is just great as well. No that this is out, its a little over two weeks until announcements start coming about tickets, and after that... maybe a new album? It's got to be soon, the tour starts in a little under two and a half months!

My normal rules apply, these videos are personal rips. They are open use for subbing, but, unless you have spoken with me about it before hand, do not link to this post or the download links themselves. Because of recent rules restrictions regarding exports of A**x CDs, I am going to be a bit stricter about this. If I have any problems, this post will become friends locked. Download links below!

First Press A
The Tonight PV, both with and without lyrics at the bottom (歌詞) and the making documentary.

First Press B
The Kimi no iru Sekai PV, both with and without lyrics at the bottom (歌詞) and the making documentary.

C (Music Only)

Okay~ Also! I am hosting these for now, but I have limited storage and therefore I won't be hosting them forever. I will try to update this page at the time when I am no longer hosting these links, but if there comes a time when these links are broken, anyone who has downloaded them prior to that can feel free to reupload them without contacting me first. Also drop me a comment if something is broken and I'll look into it, but note that if you are asking me for a YOU specific request (different file type, file size, or broken into pieces because Mega kinda sucks on big downloads) I am a very busy person and I am probably not going to get around to it. Sorry, it's really just the way it is. Happy March, everybody! I hope you love this release as much as I do.
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