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Happy Release Day~!!!

Once again, it's release day in Japan for Music Colosseum!!! Who's excited for all the new, wonderful music we now have!!! Anyway, I'm super excited due to the fact that 優しい雨 is another HusiQ.K original~ Its a great way to start out my finals week~


Sadly, I will not have Version A or Version B until Monday, and hopefully someone else will have posted links by then. I hope you all enjoy the music~
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*I'm not taking the time to polish the translation, so it's rough, but it works well enough*

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Happy Release Day!

To celebrate that this single is FINALLY released, I have decided to share it with you all so we can all enjoy. I am going to be honest, the Tonight video is possibly my favorite video yet and Kimi no iru sekai is just great as well. No that this is out, its a little over two weeks until announcements start coming about tickets, and after that... maybe a new album? It's got to be soon, the tour starts in a little under two and a half months!

My normal rules apply, these videos are personal rips. They are open use for subbing, but, unless you have spoken with me about it before hand, do not link to this post or the download links themselves. Because of recent rules restrictions regarding exports of A**x CDs, I am going to be a bit stricter about this. If I have any problems, this post will become friends locked. Download links below!

First Press A
The Tonight PV, both with and without lyrics at the bottom (歌詞) and the making documentary.

First Press B
The Kimi no iru Sekai PV, both with and without lyrics at the bottom (歌詞) and the making documentary.

C (Music Only)

Okay~ Also! I am hosting these for now, but I have limited storage and therefore I won't be hosting them forever. I will try to update this page at the time when I am no longer hosting these links, but if there comes a time when these links are broken, anyone who has downloaded them prior to that can feel free to reupload them without contacting me first. Also drop me a comment if something is broken and I'll look into it, but note that if you are asking me for a YOU specific request (different file type, file size, or broken into pieces because Mega kinda sucks on big downloads) I am a very busy person and I am probably not going to get around to it. Sorry, it's really just the way it is. Happy March, everybody! I hope you love this release as much as I do.
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Wow~ I really thought someone else would have gotten around to posting these up by now, but since I was gonna upload them for a friend anyway, I thought I would share since I personally haven't seen the Blu-ray up yet. And I get to share them with all of you, since my Bluray drive and my Bluray Concert were finally in the same place together!!!


Bluray.Concert.mp4 is a high-res version of the concert. It is the concert and the encores, but make note it is a big file (although I could have made it bigger, the pure rip off the disk was 36 GB.

Multi-angles Folder: Exactly what it sounds like. They took multi-angles from 5 different songs, sorted by song title and members' surname's first kanji.

Disc 3 Folder: This has the Fukuoka Encore and the MCs.

Note: I am posting this link before everything has finished uploading because I won't have time to mess with the folder for another day or so. Therefore, if you go in in the meantime things probably won't be in their appropriate folder. I'll have it neatened up soon though. Also, from the time of the posting, things ARE STILL UPLOADING INTO THE FOLDER! This means, from right now it will probably be another 4 hours (or longer, who knows? My upload speed isn't the greatest) until everything is finished. If something is missing, check back again in a few hours. Please wait a day or so before letting me know if something is missing or broken.

UPDATE: Everything's up and in its place. Let me know if something is broken.

Download Here

Normal rules apply, available for subbing but don't link to the post (unless you've talked to me about it) and don't share the download links. This are my personal rips and I hope you all enjoy them!
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I didn't even know this existed until I was watching them with a friend of mine! So, I went back and converted my rip files for anyone who is interested.

Download Here

Normal rules apply. Nothing should be broken, but let me know if you have any problems.
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The Regular DVD Edition and First Press DVD for the I SCREAM concerts. Note that this version of the concert DOES NOT have the audio commentary (I ran the wrong conversion on it and didn't realize it until after the upload, but the version with the audio commentary will be bigger, so I just figure I'd share both.) I am currently running conversions on the the First Print DVD (for non identical sections, like the documentary and such) and they will appear in the folder as they finish. Let me know if anything doesn't work, I'll try to get it fixed. This post will include updates as I get them up. I'm waiting for a friend to get in to watch these, but I hope you all enjoy them in the meantime! I will not have access to my Bluray drive until January so if someone else wants to share those, by all means do.

UPDATE: Some people are commented on trouble with the audio commentary on the concert. To make things easier, I am running a conversion with JUST the commentary. It will replace "Concert with commentary" in the downloads folder. That being said, if you want both you'll have to download both, sorry for the confusion.

Regular DVD Folder Contents: Concert, Concert with Commentary, Encore, and "Happenings" Short

First Press DVD Folder Contents: Off-shot Documentary and Individual Member Making Stages Documentary (initials correspond to members)

Regular DVD Download

First Press DVD Download

This videos are from my personal copies and feel free to use any and all videos for subbing and the like. DO NOT share the download links or my post, I will remove it. While I have no plans for removing anything from my fileshare, I may not be hosting the files forever and therefore if there comes a time when the links no longer work, feel free to reupload the files without asking my permission.
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Wow! I have sure been busy lately, especially if you consider I've been spending the majority of my time doing backups of my friend's Kisumai collection for them. But, here we are. Here are some paparazzi photos from the I SCREAM concerts in Osaka (07/01 and 07/02) and Nagoya (07/10) which also happen to be the dates I attended (except there is one Nagoya 07/09 picture in the lot... hehe, didn't want a folder just for it). This photos are primarily of Kitayama, but there is atleast one with him not in it and some with various members in them.

Again, please do not watermark or claim as yours. Download links below~

Osaka 07/01
Osaka 07/02
Nagoya 07/09
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Summer 2016 Johnny's Shop Photos of Kitayama. Other members are in some of the photos, but I only separated out the group photos for download.

Group Photos
Kitayama Photos

Don't claim as yours or watermark and we'll be just fine~
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Fanclub Pamphlet #17


The latest Fanclub Pamphlet arrived today and I decided to do some scans. My scanners not the best quality, but for anyone interested download link below.

Download Here

UPDATE: It was brought to my attention that I forgot to resize one of the images, so it was at like 70mb. I fixed it, same content, all the same size.
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Below you will find the download links to all the new I SCREAM video content. These videos are mine, but they are free for use for subbing and such, just don't share the download links outside the community. I won't be maintaining these links, but that being said they won't be taken down anytime soon. Enjoy!

I have migrated the links to my Kis-My-Ft2 community post which can be found here.
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